About Me

 Elina Falck, MC, RCC, CTTS

I experienced lots of trauma as a small child, and by the time I was in my late teens I was a mess.   Mercifully, I was still able to hear that quiet, insistent internal voice, reminding me there was much more to life.  As soon as I could, I got myself into therapy to start my healing journey.

Many people don’t have similar opportunities for recovery.  There are many who have been hurt so badly they’ve lost connection with this goodness at their core. Countless don’t even know it is there. Still others spend their lives in hiding, protecting their beautiful inner aspect by acting indifferent and small.   To me, those are the most desperate outcomes of our long legacy of disregard and unkindness.

I became a therapist because this state of affairs is not okay — not for anyone.  You deserve more and better out of life. You have a birthright to be treated with kindness and generosity, and you deserve the opportunity to treat others the same way.   I also recognize you probably don’t have the time or resources to dedicate years to therapy.

Happily, in the past couple of decades there has been a convergence of knowledge coming from neuroscience, attachment research, trauma theory, self-psychology and somatic therapies which give us remarkable tools to speed the healing journey.   Increased resilience, growth, acceptance and contentment are within reach.

I am a strong believer in walking my talk. I try to live my values, and I won’t ask you to go where I haven’t been.  I am imperfect, real and frank, and you get to be those things too.

More About Me, Beyond Therapy:

 Kayak on the water

My life exceeded my expectations quite a few years ago. I have the great good fortune of being happily married to my best friend, with grown step-children, a grand child, two goofy dogs,  and a pair of curious cats.  I’m interested in spiritual development and I meditate daily. Living on gorgeous Pender Island, I get to spend much of my free time on the ocean, or hiking the beautiful beaches and hills. There is not a lot better than that.

If you are looking for greater confidence, self-compassion and calm, I invite you to call me at 250 515 2123, contact me,  or use the pop up box to schedule a free consult to learn more about how I can help.  I also encourage you to watch my introductory video to get a better sense of who I am.

Elina Falck, MC, RCC, CTTS is a registered clinical counsellor providing online counselling at Oceanside Therapy.  Elina earned her Masters degree in Counselling Psychology through the University of Calgary.  She is a Certified Trauma Specialist (a rigorous international certification) with extensive training in effective therapies to resolve trauma.  During her career, she has worked as an out-patient therapist in non-profit agencies, supervised a trauma treatment team in an Aboriginal organization, and worked for the provincial government in front line clinical and supervisory positions.  Receiving rave reviews, she has given numerous presentations and talks across British Columbia on the topics of complex trauma, attachment injuries, and shame based identity.  Committed to staying on the forefront of effective therapy, Elina seeks out advanced training to best support her clients.  Elina’s trainings include: Internal Family Systems therapy; Traumatic Incident Reduction; Somatic Experiencing; The Circle Of Security parenting education program; Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy; Modified Interactional Guidance;  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy; Coherence Therapy; the Hakomi Method of Psychotherapy; and Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning Experience training.