My Approach

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Simply put, my goal is to help you not need therapy. Together, we explore what is causing you difficulty, and I’ll help you find relief as quickly and effectively as I can.  I am dedicated to providing a safe, comfortable, and accepting space for people from all walks of life.

In my practice, I use a very successful combination of Internal Family Systems therapy, Somatic therapy, Attachment Repair therapy and Traumatic Incident Reduction therapy.  If you are not familiar with some of those therapies, feel free to read more, but that is not at all necessary to benefit from them. In practicing the art of counselling, I interweave these approaches in a way that is both appropriate to your needs and responsive to your goals.

 Mixed Feelings Are Valued:

I expect that you will come to therapy with mixed feelings.   A part of you may urgently want to be free of problems, while another part may worry about how change will impact your relationships and your familiar routines.  This ambivalence may lead you to move forward with gusto one moment, and slam on the brakes the next. This is normal—it doesn’t mean you are “resistant” or flawed. Each one of those conflicting thoughts and feelings hold a piece of the lasting solution.

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As we gently explore the hidden purpose of even your messiest, most clashing ideas and emotions, you can discover the deep sense in your behaviour.  This can allow you to stop fighting with yourself, and make the changes you want with much greater ease and confidence.

Uncovering Your Resources:

No matter how much you are struggling right now, the fact that you are reading this and considering therapy shows great courage. Below the storm of turbulent thoughts and feelings, there is a source of abundant confidence, calm, and compassion. This is true of everyone, even those who have been hurt by horrific trauma.  With help, you can tap into this stable foundation and gain a more solid link to phenomenal healing resources within.

Once you have regained that connection— and it can be remarkably simple— you can become your own expert champion, not just for the difficulty that is bringing you to therapy, but also for future challenges.

 I offer you genuine acceptance and encouragement:

With help and guidance, you can begin to thrive again. Although it may not seem so now, there is ease and confidence to be found. As you connect with your resilience and resources, you can discover greater compassion and generosity for yourself and others. Through effective therapy, you can find authentic relief and lasting contentment.  Moments filled with gratitude, laughter and even awe can become regular experiences.

I invite you to call me at 250 515 2123 or contact me or use the pop up box to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to learn more about online counselling, PTSD treatment, trauma therapy, and parenting after trauma counselling and how I can help. I also encourage you to watch my brief introductory video to learn more about me and how I work.