Is the Onslaught of PTSD Wearing You Out?

  • Having survived the trauma, do you wonder if you’ll ever be able to stop the painful memories and sensations?
  • Are tears or angry outburst always bubbling at the surface?
  • Or, perhaps you have the opposite experience, where you feel numb, flat and lifeless?
  • Do you struggle to fall asleep at night or are tormented by nightmares?
  • Has trusting others become so hard you find yourself lonely and isolated?

The aftermath of traumatic events can leave you feeling out of control and hopeless. A single, devastating moment, as well as long-term adversity, can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Whether you lived through an incident that shook your belief in your personal safety or experienced long-term neglect, violence, or abuse, you may have lost your joy and peace of mind.

You might even fear that you are permanently broken.

These are normal reactions to overwhelming experiences. No matter the despair you feel right now, relief and contentment is possible.

PTSD Makes Life Hard for Many

PTSD often feels like a life sentence.  It is common for people suffering from PTSD to stumble when completing routine tasks, despite really wanting to be able to cope.

The ensuing feelings of frustration and discouragement can increase your sense of being stuck.

After a trauma, the body’s fight, flight and freeze responses become hyper-activated. You may feel permanently on guard or easily triggered into panic, even if there is no real danger present.

Probably one of the most common and serious outcomes of trauma is that you lose faith in your ability to keep yourself safe and make good decisions. Having lost trust in your own guidance, your thoughts and emotions may seem unreliable, and you may distrust your perceptions.

Once you’ve lost touch with yourself, it follows that relationships become difficult as well.

You likely mistrust people’s intentions for you, and the very idea of making yourself vulnerable by sharing your innermost thoughts, fears and dreams may feel entirely alien.  Unfortunately, this protective stance can increase your sense of isolation and hopelessness.

Despite this cascade of negative experiences and feelings, good PTSD counselling can make all the difference.

It is very possible to regain a healthy connection with yourself, get your life back, and restore connections with others.

PTSD Treatment Can Calm the Storm

If it seems like PTSD is wrecking your life, don’t lose hope. No matter how defeated or alienated you may feel, I specialize in trauma therapy and can help you find relief.

For nearly 20 years, I have used state-of-the-art, evidence based therapeutic strategies. These innovative tools can help you let go of the pain and unrest caused by trauma so you can live life, free from the weight of the past.

Everyone’s trauma reactions are different. Based on your unique needs and cluster of symptoms, I use an artful combination of Internal Family Systems Therapy, EMDR, Traumatic Incidence Reduction, Somatic and Attachment Therapies to tailor our PTSD sessions to improve your well being as soon as possible.

In our work together, the focus is on you regaining trust in yourself and calming your nervous system. This helps you feel less drained, overwhelmed, and on edge.

Your sleep and your ability to function in your daily life can improve. Flashbacks and night-terrors are reduced or eliminated.

As your entire being becomes more relaxed, and it feels safer to be in contact with yourself, you become more able to track and respond to your feelings and needs. Positive feelings can re-emerge, and you can experience restored hope, joy, and contentment.

I was abused as a child, and I know what it takes to heal from PTSD symptoms. I’ve been in a similar place where you are now, and I know the twists, pitfalls, and surprising gifts of the healing journey.

This lived experience has enriched my therapeutic interventions and helped me develop a knack for supporting others while they recover from trauma.

But Wait…

I don’t want to bring up all those horrible memories.

My style of PTSD treatment is very gentle. I do not begin by focusing on the core of the trauma. Instead, our work together starts by helping you to feel more grounded and stable.

Step by step, you can learn how to find your calm and build confidence. Then, we can process one small part of your trauma at a time, allowing you to move forward at a pace that is comfortable to you.

If I give it enough time, won’t the trauma heal by itself?

Unfortunately, time doesn’t heal traumatic memories and symptoms. Because the trauma was so overwhelming and threatening, your brain encodes these experiences in a special way, making sure that you don’t forget them. In fact, if left untreated, the condition is likely to become gradually worse.

There is lots of hope, however. With effective PTSD help, you can regain control of your life, and find lasting relief. You can learn to trust yourself again, and reconnect with the strength and peace you’ve lost as a result of the traumatic event.

I’ve heard that PTSD treatment can be expensive…

Working with a skilled trauma therapist often comes with a financial cost. With that being said, trauma therapy can help you come back to balance, which improves your ability to successfully cope with future demands and stressors. This makes PTSD counselling an invaluable investment in your wellbeing. Frequently, people tell me the work was easier, faster, and less expensive than they originally anticipated.

Tell me more about how online therapy works…

Being able to stay in the security of your own home or office often adds a level of ease to the counselling process. And, using videoconferencing is a breeze (even for non-techy folks like me). All you need is high speed Internet, a laptop or desktop, and a calm, private space.

Stability and Peace is Within Reach

The bottom line is that good trauma treatment can help you restore balance and confidence.  If you have more questions about PTSD therapy, trauma counselling or online therapy, please call (250 515 2123), contact me or make a request in the pop-up window for a free 15-minute phone consultation. I do my best to respond to voicemail and email within 24 hours.

I am available to work with people from all over British Columbia; although most of my clients reside in Victoria, Nanaimo, Duncan, Delta, Surrey, and Vancouver.


If you are actively suicidal, please contact the 24hr BC Suicide Crisis Line:

1800 SUICIDE (1800 784 2433)