Why Online Therapy?

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  •  Do you think you need therapy, but are not sure how to find the time?
  • In your busy city, maybe the time and effort to get to appointments feel daunting?
  • Maybe you live in a community with limited access to specialized therapists?
  • Perhaps the comfort of attending sessions from your home or office is really appealing?

Those are all excellent reasons to consider online counselling.  Web-based therapy can be a convenient, time saving, and relaxed way to get the support you need.   You can access therapy at a time and place that suit you.  Because you remain in a space that you are already comfortable with, you can feel easier about the process.

Videoconferencing has become so easy to use, even non-techy people like me find it simple.  People quickly get familiar with interacting through a screen. If you have high-speed internet, a lap top, desktop or tablet with a camera and mike, you have the technology you need.

Dealing with distractions:

Before you decide to try online therapy, you need to think about how to deal with distractions. Will you be able to ensure you are un-interrupted for the duration of the session?  Is the space private enough that people will not walk in unexpectedly?  Will you be able to talk freely, without fear that others can overhear?  Can you turn off your cell-phone for the time you’ve set aside?

More about the technology: 

Prior to each session, I send you the link to use for the video-conference. You simply click on it, and we are ready to start. I will also send you reminder emails or texts prior to the appointment, to ease any worry you have about forgetting.

Despite excellent video-conferencing technology, sometimes there are glitches. We’ll trouble-shoot those as we go, and any time lost on technology issues will not be charged to you.

Getting ready:

As you prepare for a session, I invite you to make yourself comfortable.  Make yourself a cup of tea if that would feel right, and find a comfy seat. This is your time, so make please set up your space so it feels safe and relaxed.

I invite you to call me at 250 515 2123 or contact me or use the pop up box to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to learn more about , PTSD treatment, trauma therapy, and parenting after trauma counselling and how I can help.