Is Trauma Keeping You From a Good Future?

  • Do you have a hard time letting decent people in because you don’t know how to trust them?
  • Is there a nagging feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach, like something bad is about to happen?
  • Are you skilled at making it look like you are feeling fine, but inside you are full of loneliness, fear, or hurt?
  • Does it seem like you are invisible, like your dreams, needs or wishes don’t count?

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These feelings are common reactions to trauma and can make life feel very cold, lonely and isolated.  A normal way to cope with maltreatment is to pretend that it hasn’t really affected you.

You may become secretive about how you truly feel and hide the truth even from yourself. Perhaps you manage okay in your life, but in the quiet hours of the night you may even wonder if there is something wrong with you that makes others hurt you, not care about you or not protect you.

This shame may make you second-guess what you know to be true and how you feel about things. You may doubt your own intuition about what is safe and what is dangerous.

Perhaps your sense of direction, purpose, or meaning has become muddled.  Maybe you find yourself trying to fit into a life that doesn’t suit you.

As a result, you might end up making rash decisions or choices that you later regret. Perhaps you find yourself in hurtful relationships, unsupportive friendships, or in unsatisfactory work situations.

Maybe it is time to learn to take good care of yourself again.

Many People are Held Back by Trauma

Unfortunately, living with trauma is very common. The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study, one of the largest studies of its kind, examined how many people have experienced trauma, and how it has affected them.

The study tells us that 25% of middle class people have experienced at least one adverse childhood experience, such as abuse, neglect, or living with substance abusing parents. More than one in seven have experienced at least three adverse childhood experiences.

The ACE study confirmed what trauma therapists know. Trauma takes a heavy toll. As new challenges add to earlier ones, the burdens increase as you grow older. The effects can live on in you mind, heart, and body.

The likelihood of problems such as PTSD, heart disease, stroke, obesity, depression, low self-esteem, relationship difficulties, work troubles, and substance misuse skyrocket the more unresolved trauma you carry.

One of the heaviest burdens that maltreatment brings is the feeling of shame.

It is very common for those of us who have been maltreated to feel somehow flawed and not good enough. This shame can be like a constant weight in your life, pulling you away from your joy and sense of aliveness, keeping you away from good relationships, and holding you back from the life you really want.

Fortunately, trauma treatment can help bring back a sense of lightness and renewed energy.

Trauma Therapy Can Bring Relief and Restore Hope

Although recovery from trauma can feel daunting, trauma counselling can be incredibly effective in rebuilding a sense of safety and calm.

I was abused as a child, so I know the impact this can have and what it takes to mend. Back when I completed the bulk of my healing, trauma therapy was often harrowing and took a long time. Since I became a trauma specialist nearly two decades ago, I’ve dedicated myself to learning effective therapies that achieve lasting recovery. I’ve delved deeply into new breakthrough knowledge about how the brain works.

From this, I have learned what it takes to let go of the burdens that keep you down.

In our sessions, our work will be targeted and focused. I listen carefully to you, to really understand what your life has been like.  Since reconnecting to your strength and confidence is essential, I teach you the steps to gain access to your inner wisdom, even in times of turmoil.

Our work will be tailored to your particular needs at a pace that feels comfortable and safe. I have a large toolbox of trauma specific interventions to help make this possible, and I have helped many who have experienced complex trauma heal and flourish.

Although this may not be apparent to you now, having survived maltreatment you will have developed skills and abilities that are excellent resources. Through trauma and PTSD treatment, you can discover that you have more strength and positive qualities than you knew were possible.

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You may still have questions about trauma based therapy…

What if trauma treatment makes me feel worse?

It is natural to feel scared and ambivalent about exploring your deep hurts. A part of you probably wants to be free of the pain. But, another part is scared that you if you open up this can of worms, your life is going to get very messy.

I know how to pace our work together just right so that you don’t get overwhelmed, but instead feel better as soon as possible. The great thing about on-line therapy is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home. This helps reduce anxiety about therapy.

I have already had lots of trauma counselling. How will working with you be different?

You may have worked through lots of things, but then your life changes in some way and old emotions and thoughts come back up again. This is natural. I have extensive lived and professional experience about what works in trauma therapy.

I won’t ask you to do something that hasn’t been effective for me, and I continually hone my skills by staying current with new knowledge about strategies that work. Consequently, trauma therapy can be relatively easy, fast, and produce lasting results.

I think that I need help, but I’ve heard that treatment for trauma can be expensive.

There may be PTSD therapy in your community that is free and available. Most often, good trauma counselling that fits your schedule comes with a financial cost.

Trauma focused therapy is an investment in yourself and your life that can pay off in countless ways. It can improve your sense of self, relationships, work situation, and overall sense of contentment and well-being.

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You Can Have a Rich And Good Life

If you have more questions about therapy for PTSD or trauma or my online therapy practice, please call (250 515 2123), contact me or make a request in the pop-up window for a free 15-minute phone consultation.

I am available to work with people from all over British Columbia; although most of my clients reside in Victoria, Nanaimo, Duncan, Delta, Surrey, and Vancouver.


If you are actively suicidal, please contact the 24hr BC Suicide Crisis Line:

1800 SUICIDE (1800 784 2433)